The Bonneville 2017 line of motorcycles by FCM features a blast from the past: the vintage 1955 Ural M-72. This engine originally appeared in BMW motorcycles, but the popularity of opposing engines in customization industry lead FCM to utilize it as well.

The Bonny-1 motorcycles were a hybrid of customization and racing, but the second generation focused more on speed. This new model of the Bonny came with a new frame and aerodynamic fenders to optimize speed and agility.

In June 2017 the prototype hit 130 mph on asphalt- a full 15 mph faster than the world record on a salt track. The team heading to Bonneville Speed Week in August is prepared to put the bike to the test on a salt track and set a new record!

In August, you can watch history in the making via our Facebook live stream directly from the salt track at Bonneville Speed Week! Stay tuned for more news!

Class – APS-VF 500
Engine – M-72 1955
Transmission – Ultima HD