• YEAR : 1963
  • MILEAGE : 1821
  • EXTERIOR : White
  • ENGINE SIZE : 650

– From the Zimmerman Brothers Collection
– First year of the unit engine construction model
– Substantially correct original
– Engine no. T120DU4380

In 1963, a stiffer and more compact unit-construction model was
introduced, with additional bracing at the steering head and swinging arm. The steering angle was altered, and improved forks were fitted a couple of years later, which, together with the increased frame stiffness, enabled overall performance to match that of the Bonneville's rivals.

Although there was no great performance increase, the modernized machine carried the Bonneville legend forward at a time when opposition from rival products was growing. Not everyone approved of the unit-construction Bonneville: there were riders who missed the old rugged looks and believed the more rigid power made for a harsher ride. Although little changed in appearance, the unit engine's top end was modified with a new “nine stud” head. The 1963 model introduced a first for Bonneville – a single-color.