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    Great experience! I just bought a 2016 Indian Scout from this dealership. Since I live in NJ and the dealership was in Florida I didn’t think it would be so easy to purchase the bike. Stan at Florida Motors was really nice and supported me at every step of the way. I would highly recommend this dealership if you want quality service, quality inventory and a fair price this is the place to go.

    • Diane Decarolis, NJ
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    I just bought a Indian Chieftain Dark Horse from Stan and could not be happier with the purchase and the whole purchase "experience". Stan accommodated my work hours so I could go there and see the bike. Try to find a dealer that will open at 630 AM, so you can see the bike, when the hours of operation are from 9 am to 7 pm. Stan won't even wanted to take a deposit over the phone, when I offer to do so, so he could hold the bike for me. He just said " If you really want the bike, I will hold it for you, until you come tomorrow and I will be here at 6:30 am, so you can come early and won't miss work". When I saw the bike, it was love at first sight. It looked better than in the pictures!!. It was flawless. I gave Stan a deposit right away, and went to work. Later on Stan told me how some people came by and offer him 1K more than he offer the bike to me, and he said no, even when I had signed no contract yet. Stan is a stand up guy and I would not buy a motorcycle from anyone else......No dealer fees, no destination fees, no preparation fees, just tax and tag. His prices can't be beat. Long review, but I'm stoked

    • Walter Ramirez, FL
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    This place is truly a sparkling treasure in the swampy motorcycle market of South Florida. I did not believe it when I rode out with my new bike. I purchased a GS that was unbelievably pristine. After I inspected the bike, the guys did one more run with me to make sure that I was kept satisfied. Price was extremely fair, and Stan made the whole process enjoyable to the end. While I was waiting for paperwork to process I was looking around, and was amazed at the rest of the bikes. I felt at ease, and comfort, and was treated with respect. Not only do I recommend Stan, but I truly wish him the best of luck. Florida Motors reflects only respect and passion for motorsports, and for the people that give their soul into this moto-world.

    • Dimitris Gotsis, FL
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    Had a great, quick, painless experience with Stan and Florida Motors. Communication was fast and I never waited for any information or answers to questions. Bought a great bike for a great price. Delivery was flawless and fast. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a bike.

    • Michael Oldfield, AL
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    Bought my last Harley brand new from a HD dealer. eh , ok. was looking for another recently and contacted another HD dealer, asking a price on a used bike. 2-3 weeks later they follow up, "oh, we sold that one. Come on down, we will make you a great deal on a new bike!" Lazy, arrogant sales person! In the mean time I contacted Florida Motors and got instant and constant communications (LOTS of communications) until I flew down and rode back with the owner in the delivery truck with my like new Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Softail! Very happy about the outcome. Hard working, honest, and straight forward guy. THIS is how business should be done! Whatever it takes to get it done. Good communication and great work ethics. Will look here first before buying any other bike.

    • David Porter, FL
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    Excellent response time, and very helpful throughout the buying process. I am from New York and they made the whole process very simple. They sent me a lot of extra pictures, videos, and information without question. Overall great experience!

    • Dustin Calavano, NY
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    This place is a hidden gem to whom ever reads this. You won't be disappointed with the bikes, I know I wasn't. Got my self a gem! (2013 night rod) and road that darling for 18 hours straight no problems AT ALL! , and at the end of that adventure I realized that I got pretty lucky. Stan is straight forward with and no hidden BS charges at the last minute, my advice check it out!

    • Nestor Castro, SC
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    These guys are so awesome and easy to deal with , I have actually bought 2 bikes in 2 weeks from Stan Lee , he went out of his way to get me the deal I wanted on the first bike and found me a great dyna for my second bike .

    • Johnny Suede, CA
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    Outstanding new motorcycle dealer, very helpful in my initial purchase, and they have handled some post-purchase work with expertise. Stan has a long interest in Indian and other classic motorcycles, so the shop is a great addition to the Miami community. Check them out but be fast - they're selling bikes the minute they list them! Thanks, Stan.

    • Paul Lemay, FL


At Florida Motors, we are just as passionate about motorcycles as you are. Our mission is to provide the best customer service experience as you choose your pre-owned or vintage motorcycle.

We understand your love and enthusiasm and want to help you to find your dream motorcycle. Our business is fueled by a lifelong passion for motorcycles we share with our clients. Founded in Europe, we’ve cultivated our years of knowledge and experience in foreign markets to help you make the best purchasing decision possible. Rather you are an avid collector or preparing to purchase your very first bike, Florida Motors is your trusted resource for quality customer service and motorcycles.

Florida Motors is dedicated to saving vintage racing traditions. We are a proud member of SCTA-Bni (South California Timing Association), supporting two motorcycles racing teams in vintage classes. Our teams currently hold two world land speed records.